EnviroPack Technologies - Specialists in Environmental Waste Packaging Solutions

Company Profile

EnviroPack Technologies is a leading supplier of environmental waste packaging solutions that meet the requirements of a wide range of industries and markets including governmental (defense), oil and gas, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical.

By offering high-quality DOT/UN approved packaging that includes the HazPack™ and WastePack™ brand of Cubic Yard Boxes, EnviroPack Technologies prides itself as an eco-minded enterprise whose mission is to support its customer's challenges in meeting the EPA"s mandate for regulated waste packaging.

The company's best-in-class environmental waste packaging products can be purchased directly or though its distributor channels.

Our Global Commitment

The Department of Transportation (DOT) packaging regulations that require Performance-Oriented Packaging, are based on the UN (United Nations) recommendations concerning the shipment of hazardous materials. As a result, packaging for hazardous materials is now dependent on the hazard classification of a particular item and its physical attributes.

EnviroPack Technologies designs, constructs, and tests its packaging and containers in accordance with CFR 49, Part 178. The UN markings exhibited on our packaging and containers indicates that they have been successfully tested and approved, and as such comply with specific UN provisions and specifications related to its manufacture and use.

The company welcomes the opportunity to assist its customers in choosing the right solution to remain compliant by offering instructions and assistance as to how to properly prepare and/or identify the packaging that complies with the specification standard.

We hope our customers will join us in promoting a greener and safer environment by using the right packaging solution for their hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.


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