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WasteSack™ Cubic Yard Bag - EPT's UN/DOT approved, user-friendly container manufactured to strict standards for hazardous waste disposal


WasteSack™ Cubic Yard Bag

Manufactured from heavy-duty polypropylene and UV coated for rugged outdoor conditions, the WasteSack™ features one-piece construction and a convenient duffel top. Rated for 2,200lb (997kg) capacity, it is ideal for hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams such as contaminated soil, plating sludge, asbestos and lead based materials, and contaminated personal protection equipment (PPE). Its economical design not only stores and ships flat, but can replace the capacity of four 55 gallon drum (208 liter) containers.

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UN/DOT Certified   •   performance Oriented packaging   •   best-in-Class